We are a praying church that is seeking to fulfill the great commission and lead others back to Christ.  We are dedicated to winning the lost and helping those hurting and in need.  We love everyone as the Lord has commanded us to do.  We are always looking to grow the family of Marion Church of God and we have an open door for all of God's children.  If you do not have a home church then we invite you to come and join us.  We love you and we want you to know that Jesus loves you.  We have Sunday School classes for the children, the teens, and we even have ladies and men's classes for the adults, as well as Wed. night services for all.  We also have weekly prayer meetings on Tuesday Night for all that would like to come and spend time in prayer.  We believe in the Bible and living a Holy life that is pleasing and acceptable by the Lord.  We spend time in fellowship, prayer, and Bible study together as a unified body of Christ.  We have many ministry opportunities for those looking to be doers in the Kingdom of God.  We have street ministries, children's ministries, celebrate recovery ministries, praise and worship, ladies ministry, and men's ministries.  We love our community and we want to do all we can to make it a great place for our families to live and find fellowship with others.  Our state offices our located in Benton, Ar. and our general offices are located in Cleveland, Tn. 

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